RHJ International- A team moving forward with our customers, growers and suppliers.

RHJ was founded in 2014 by Royce Buultjens, after 30 years of experience in exporting fresh produce. Since then, RHJ has thrived under his guidance and leadership, successfully catering to a diverse range of customers around the globe.

Our customers
We support our customers through the entire process – from initial inquiry right through to the point where our produce is delivered – because we know that your success becomes ours too. We’re upfront, honest and transparent with every process. Our customers are always aware of any risks, and are kept fully informed every step of the way. There is no communication barrier – day or night – when working with us. Our long standing customers, some of whom have been dealing with Royce for over 25 years are a testimony to our reliability and competitiveness.

Our Growers and Suppliers
We deal with a large number of growers and suppliers based in all regions of Australia and New Zealand. We know that we are sourcing produce from some of the most experienced and best operators in the global fresh produce industry and we always work towards building sustainable and mutually beneficial relations with them. We value and take pride in offering Australian and New Zealand produce to international markets.

Our team
The RHJ core team members – Royce, Roger, Ricardo and Steven – have worked alongside one another for over 15 years.

Royce, our Managing Director, oversees each individual customer. He’s constantly striving to improve our services, and move forward in a constantly changing market. Royce brings a wealth of knowledge and experience about international markets, seasonal produce, price and quality which your business will directly benefit from.

Roger, our Export Manager, has a thorough understanding of our customers’ needs. He has a wealth of experience in procuring the best produce at the most competitive prices, and co-ordinates all aspects of the export process.

Ricardo, our Logistics Manager, is also involved with procurements and the coordination of air and sea logistics. This includes the meeting of quarantine and customs requirements and stock control.

Steven, our Warehouse Manager, coordinates the loading of all shipments and oversees quality control and logistical requirements.