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We welcome all enquiries about our service

See the below list of frequently asked questions for further information about our services, products, and processes. Our long history in servicing the fresh produce exporting industry helps us to anticipate some of the enquiries of our potential customers. We refer you first to this list to help you understand what we can offer to you, but if you have any further enquiries please feel free to contact and ask us directly.

Yes you can. You can order a variety of fresh produce items which can be a mixture of fruit and vegetables in different combinations. You can also order a shipment of one item- a straight load. We will procure the best products in season and ship to your destination as required.

All items that go into a shipment are procured, checked and consolidated in house by RHJ staff.

We ship products on a daily basis to different destinations.  We coordinate the best available freight routes – via air or sea – to get the shipment to you via the fastest and most economical channels available.

Usually within 48 hours of placing the order. We keep you informed throughout the process and provide you with all information related to your order so that you know what’s going on until you receive the goods.


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